The hortus team have a wide range of skills along with a wealth of experience, bringing their different ideas and interests to each project. They all share the same passion for the work and attention to detail that makes working seem easy and each project successful.

Chris is the founding member of Hortus Design and landscaping. He approaches each project with a youthful enthusiasm that belies his 20 years in the horticultural industry. This invaluable experience is the driving force behind team Hortus.

Dan, albeit a conservationist at heart has transferred his understanding of indigenous flora and fauna to the ornamental garden, bringing an eye for detail and a conscientious work ethic fundamental to the Hortus practice.

Des (aka Digger Des) and his Dad Dave are successful stone masons in there own right, their granite work speaks for its self. They regularly join the hortus team, bringing a wealth of construction knowledge along with ‘Digger Des’s’ mastery of his Kubota KX 018-4!


Anna the one woman administration department of team Hortus, is responsible for the day to day running of the company. This is a task made easy by her experience as a London based Product Developer. Employed by several top British fashion labels and widely travelled during her career, Anna brings a global appreciation of aesthetics and ethics to team Hortus.